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Broadcasting LIVE online

radio stream back online soon

The stream features more quality music than you can shake a stick at...

such as the Christmas Extravaganza - Northern Music Network Event recorded audio.

21 acts were billed, more info at


live radio stream back soon

Tune in soon when we'll be broadcasting our very own online radio broadcasts featuring the very best new and original artist's and bands that live in the county of North Yorkshire.

Live broadcast available from this page soon

radio stream back soon

itunes, Quicktime, Realplayer, Windows media player, winamp recommended

A constant looped stream plays before and after each lunchtime show....

scroll down to find out what's on the looped stream


The looped stream Play List.......

The stream features more quality music than you can shake a stick at...

such as the Christmas Extravaganza - Northern Music Network Event recorded audio.

21 acts were billed, more info at


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Radio Stream | Podcast | Playlist | Skype


Catch us Live every Lunchtime at Noon!

Radio phone-in landline number = 020 7871 4985

Skype free internet call ID = captain_ants

or click on the skype me! link button below and "phone-in" for free online using your computer!


Listen again and Podcasting...

Archived broadcasts and "Best of" Monthly Podcasts will be available.after the programs have aired.

click here for the highly recommended cross-platform podcast application called ipodder

then drag in this rss feed link button to subscribe to the feed

more info on what podcasts are etc... can be found on the ipodder website

alternatively just download the file as and when a link appears below to the most recent podcast file..

1. Local Live Love-In 2005 early morning podcast click here to download 10.2mb .mp3 file.

2. July 1st Boon Army Night Recordings PODCAST!!! Click here to download 9.7mb .mp3 file

3. Alex Kirby and Bob Slayer's impromptu performance at Marley's bar on a late friday evening Click here to download - 15mb .mp3 file 30min set

4. Interview with a member of the beached 05 100 club Click here to dowload 2.2mb .mp3 file

5. Tourismo Beached interview Click Here to download 2.2mb .mp3 file

6. The Research Beached interview Click here to download 2.5mb .mp3 file

7. Post H2005:beached pub conversation Click here to download 5mb .mp3 file

8. Mojos Cafe Interview with Chris Johns of Click here to download 10mb .mp3 file

You can find some of the tracks featured on the Online Radio stream are available for download from a local online band & artist mp3 website. I'll add a playlist page with direct links to featured artists over this weekend for you....cheers!


I heard it through the Online....

BBC Raw Talent and all that Jazz......

The internet has spawned a miriad of amatuer and proffessional online radio stations playing all kinds of music genres and new ground breaking original sounds...during the coming months we'll be scanning the cyber airwaves for the best and most original live broadcasts we can find and bringing them to your attention......

for example....BBC Raw Talent is broadcast every Thursday 7pm - 10:30pm
tune in via this url

They have a Live acoustic set, interviews and a Live Band Set and read out any emails, texts and phone calls they get in during the show...send in your demos and they'll play them on the show! also this year they're going to most of the summer festivals around the Yorkshire region as it's broadcast on all of the Yorkshire BBC radio stations. Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, Hull and North Yorkshire etc...

A Date for your diary

Local Live Love-In 2006
will be broadcast Live online.

Keep this page book marked for time and date.

Radio Stream | Podcast | Playlist | Skype

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Radio Stream | Podcast | Playlist | Skype
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