upforit.tv Leeds Festival Fringe takes place in Leeds UK from the 19th to the 25th August 2010 click on image for official website and latest information... Leeds Festival Fringe 2010 19th - 25th August 2010 Yorkshire Music Collective Phoenix FM The Jaw-Line of Julianne Moore will be performing at Leeds Festival Fringe 2010, Wednesday 25th August 2010 as part of the Yorkshire Music Collective Take over event at the Carpe Diem Live Music Venue for more info click on this image...

Leeds Festival Fringe 2010

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Leeds Festival Fringe 2010

The 1st Leeds Festival Fringe event will be

taking place in the city of Leeds prior to the

Leeds Festival.

The Fringe event is set to run for 7 nights

from 19th August to 25th August, allowing

fans to head over to Bramham Park afterwards

for the festival proper. So far, four venues in

the city are lined up to play a part in the

festival fringe action: Carpe Diem, Royal Park

Cellars, The Well and The Dry Dock.

Official website =


Artists & Musicians taking part include...

Adelaide Harlequin

A Last Concern

Audit Control


Beretta Suicide

Black Diamond Bay

Black Water

The Blind Dead McJones Band


The Captives

China Shop Bull

Claire Cameron Band


Cupboard Wolves

Down The Machine

Drunken Balordi

East Park Reggae Collective

El Camino

Elephants on Acid

The Famous Class

Faux Romantics

Fight The Frontline

For The Ride


Gentle Breeze

Ghosts In The Nightclub

The Idles


The Jaw-Line of Julianne Moore

Jen Armstrong Music

Kath and The Mighty Menace



Man Get Out

March of the Defiants

The Melodicas New Reed

Mondo Cane

The Moves

Mutiny For Hire

Pastel Jack

Radio Gypsy

The Red Pills


Revenge of The Psychotronic Man

Road To Horizon

Secret Circuits

Secrets of Kaplan

The Shrinks

The Sickmen of Europe

The Sighting

Spiders Eat Vinyl


The Stella Frays

The Temps

The Tender Hooligans

13 Lights

Time of Hibu


The Wick Effect

X-Ray Cat Trio