Solstice Weekend

Music Festival 2008

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Solstice Weekend '08

20th & 21st June.

Tom Watton tells all...

Friday 20th June

The Solstice Jam-Night......

with your host Tony Turner in the

Hayburn Wyke pub. Bring your

instrument and a good singing voice

or a set of appreciative ears. It’s the

actual Solstice, so if you’re

stopping, find a spot with the crowd

or a romantic viewpoint to watch

the sun rise over the North Sea

horizon, after the jamming of


If you can’t stay up that late or want

to be up for an early morning stroll

it doesn’t matter, Friday is free!

The evening will start at 8pm, but

the pub will be open all day, and

you can pitch your tent from

midday. The pub is offering an

extensive menu and so you will be

able to wine dine and sing to your

hearts delight.

Saturday 21st June

Live music from a host of local

bands and artists, with great food

and great ale!

There are two stages with live

music playing all day from midday

until late and its only £5.00. There

will be loads of bands and artists...

Updated Band List: Hayley & Sam,

Carl Woodford, Pepperland, Slinky

Maliink, The Pieces, Johnny Jump

Up, Amaya Huntly, Raven, Billy

Nielsen, Tom Townsend, Tom

Davenport & Matt Harrop, Grand

Theft Audio, John Watton, The

Personas, The Jawline of Julianne

Moore, Goat Problems, Anna

Shannon, Dave Hutchinson, The

Blame, Billy Howell, Alastair James,

The Charcoal Wicks, Laura Williams,

Rachel Etty Sir Tom Watton and

many more!!

...BUT that’s not all! The music is

important, but so is the

atmosphere, the food, and the

merrymaking. There will be drum

circles, painting activities and an

array of beautiful art installations

around the site. The pub will be

selling food/drinks for the festival

arena (pub and stage areas) so

please be polite and don’t bring

your own food/drinks to eat in these


Sunday 22nd June

The pub & car park are open as

usual and the campsite closes at

midday. Refuse sacks will be

distributed for people to bin their

sins. On a serious note this is an

area of absolute beauty so please

wherever you go pick up your

rubbish and your dogs ‘doings’.

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