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York Green Festival 2008

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York Green Festival


was held at....

Rowntree Park, York

Sunday 31 August, 11:00 - 17:00


The Cooperative Music Stage


Boss Caine

The Falling Spikes

Idle Jack & The Big Sleep


The Fallen

Dead Rebellion

Grinny Grandad

Death Defying Life

Fist Full Of Yen

Acoustic Stage


The Exit Project

Jess Gardham

Joe Venables

Theatre of Ophidia

Johnny Dobbs

Holly Taymar

Towns & Houses

Rain Cats

Beneath The Oak

Dance Tent (presented by

Soulspun Soundsystem)





Herbal Mafia



Lion Paw


Region 2



The Dub Club


Green Workshops


Tai Chi

How to design a successful



Sustainability & Philosophy


DIY Handbook to Changing the



Healing Area

Childrens' Area

Campaign Stalls

Ethical Traders

Solar Cinema (provided by


Clothes Swap-Shop &


An all day urban art exhibition

will be taking place near the

Dance Tent including live art by

artists from all around the

country and of course - York.

Featuring Si2, UnderTheHat, Su1

and many more...


Captain Ants went along and snapped these images

of Grinny Grandad performing on the Cooperative

Stage. It was early afternoon....

He also got a couple of the Acoustic Stage whilst

Holly Taymar was playing then his camera batteries

died....sorry! You'll just have to read the list to

your left for the other acts you may have missed....

Wandering around the Festival site Captain ANts

came across a Sun Powered Cinema that screened

"Cogg" the animation about cavemen....A dance

tent that pounded, some artists painting onto a

large communal canvas...some ethical stalls, Food

Stalls that served everything as long as it was

vegitarian and curry flavoured.....lots and lots of

activities for children, they were very well catered

for with inflatable slides and bouncy castles, sticky

tape sculptures and lots of icecream vans.....

`York's Rowntree Park is great as a festival backdrop

and for the most part the stages and their various

sounds and systems didn't collide with each

other.......so the technical issues are all ironed out

nicely.....but please please please! next year can

we have some of the ethical meals that aren't curry

flavoured? there's a world of food out there and we

know full well there are people in York who do

some great tasting veggie foods that are simple to

make and filling with plenty of subtle flavours.

Perhaps something as simple as roasted

vegitables....sweet potatos, Salads etc..... anyways

it's a great family day out to support a great cause

and whatever the weather...See you at York Green

Festival 2009 folks!